For maximum convenience,
we split the production and installation of
stairs into several stages, with phased payment.

This allows you to optimize the cost and do not require a large lump-sum payments. Below you see all items of our work with clients ranging from start to installation of stairs and railings.

1. Measure.

Check and measure the object in Riga – FREE. If the subject is outside the Riga area, you only pay shipping costs (fuel).

2. Calculation of cost.

After the measurement, we can calculate the exact cost of all works, from the manufacture of elements, including delivery and installation.

3. Conclusion the contract.

4. Prepayment.

After signing the contract, you make a deposit of 50% of the total contract amount.

5. Fabrication and installation of bearing and speed.

Made within 60 working days (according to type of construction stairs).

6. Payment for the manufacture and installation of bearing the stairs (25% of total contract amount).

7. Fabrication and installation of protections.

Duration of works up to 7 days (installation is performed after lifting large furniture to the upper levels).

8. Full payment for the fabrication and installation of staircases and railings (after acceptance by the Customer of stairs).

There is another option of payment mutually our ongoing work.